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We can deliver you a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the true India, and as a result, your true self, all in the finest comfort and luxury. India is a land of many surprises, but whatever you find there on your own personal journey, what is sure is that you will experience a magical land that will touch your heart like the composition and progression of chords make the magic of music. If there is anything you would need to know that we have not covered, please contact the Travel India team.


Welcome to the Travel India website! Curry

Welcome to the Travel India website. For luxury travel around India, from Rajasthan to Kerala, look no further.

You will love this land and its majestic configuration of man-made and natural features. You can still experience the essence of India if you travel in style with a quality tour package. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to backpack your way around, India will receive you just the same. Fascinating India is a charmingly simple mix of fascinating cultures, with a truly valuable legacy, remarkable history, and breath-taking, pretty as a picture travel destinations, delicious cuisine, and cities and towns full of high spirits, shopping, and international centres of commerce.

Where should you go? An Indian luxury tour is not complete without a visit to the city of Agra. Also be sure to take in the island village of Kumarakom in Kerala which consistently entices travellers with its beautiful and spell binding backwaters, making for a special romantic retreat perfect for you and a loved one. And don’t forget Shimla, the widely known and esteemed queen of India’s hill stations, which is a perfect place for love birds and the recently married, the ideal surroundings to show that special someone just how special they are. Then there is Goa, the city of dawn to late night parties, casinos, nightlife, discotheques, water sports, honeymoons, beach weddings, oozing feni and so much more. The beautiful and indescribable city of Goa very well known for its endless fun and is the city which never sleeps.

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